Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lets just say Ryan Seacrest isn't my favorite person ever...

This is the finished piece for the Ryan Seacrest assignment I was working on.  Over all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Any time I get to paint a face I'm pretty happy.  Hopefully everyone else enjoys it as much as  I do.  

Head studies

If it were up to me I'd spend the rest of my life painting people.  It's amazing to see someone come to life through  paint.  As I studied portrait painting I was shocked to see the diversity of color that exists in skin tones and to see how different everyone is.  These are 2 ink washes that I did a little while back.

More Sketches

Just some more sketches on toned paper... 

Still Life

This is an old drawing I did in school.  It was my first time taking a drawing class and I was so intimidated by the pure talent in that room.  It was a great class though I was so happy with my end result and didn't really believe that I could do something that well.  Makes me wish I had more time to just practice technique...

Oddles o' Doodles

I try and keep a regular sketch book and I'm happy that it's a skill that I learned early in my art education.  It's amazing to see the huge difference in your drawings just over a couple of pages.  All in all this is just a random collection of drawings I've done over time.  Hope you enjoy. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ryan Seacrest is normal.

Here is the primarily drawing for a caricatures I'm working on.  The assignment was to create a spot illustration to show that Ryan Seacrest has accepted the offer to be an announcer for the upcoming Olympics.  Lets just say this wasn't the most enjoyable assignment ever.  I spent around 6 hours sketching different caricatures and about 4 working out the final sketch trying to get it right.  He's just too normal to make look silly...