Thursday, September 6, 2012

LDS Relief Society Logo

I was recently worked on a project where I made some decorations for a relief society room... It was a lot of fun and I was pretty happy with the outcome.  I was a little frazzled with the move and all so I forgot to get some pictures.  I'm really bummed I didn't.  I ended up making a burlap "welcome" banner that turned out super cute!  While I was working on it I was surprized that I couldn't find a high resolution image of the Relief Society Logo... So I went a head and got one together.  You should be able to open them and save them at their original size... These are approximately 12" x 12" but if you need something larger or a different color email me.  Please notice the usage policy at the bottom of the post.

Note:  These are vector .png files so if you save it as a .png you should be able to size them indefinitely without any pixelation or graininess.

Original Colors of Seal




Actual Blue of Original Seal


These do not have a background color to them so if you were to print on colored paper it would look like this.

Just the "RS"

My husband had an old shirt that needed to be chucked but he really liked the design on it.  BYU has updated their logo thing and they don't sell this design anymore. So I scanned the shirt and threw together a vector image of the logo for us to have on hand.  When I finally get my Silhouette made I'll try making some stuff with it! 
 here's the shirt
 my copied design

 **NOTE!!  These cannot be used for retail purposes or anything unrelated to LDS Church activities... Also, please reference the LDS Church Handbook on proper usage policies for any and all church designs, emblems, fonts, and logos.**

LDS Handbook