Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Well in preparation for the season premiere of one of my favorite shows, Project Runway, I decided to do some fashion sketches.


The color on this one was a happy mistake in Photoshop...  I generally avoid doing stuff digital because when I do it comes out looking a little forced and flat.  I tweaked a couple settings and decided to play around for at bit.  For once it actually looked a little more natural and had an organic feel to it.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Vector Attack

I have a couple of my old drawings saved to my desktop so when I'm bored they just sit there and stare at me... I know you've seen something similar to these before but they made me do it.  


This was a really interesting exercise... There was a lot of back and forth during the process.  One minute I'd be super impressed and happy with where it was going and the next minute I was really underwhelmed.  I think a lot of that came from letting myself overwork it a little.  All in all it turned out okay.  I really do love some things about it... like the feather and the simplicity of the shirt.  

During the early block in stage I thought this would be really fun to play around with using watercolors... Hopefully I'll get to that sooner than later.  I'll post my efforts if they prove worthy.  

On a random side note... A couple months ago I developed an interest in family history and got extremely excited at the thought of putting faces to names.  Over the last couple of weeks I've been gathering and cleaning up family photos and here's a one that I'm proud of.  

Before  vs  After

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Patriotic Printable

Long story short I decided I need some seasonal word art to add to my decoration stash... So here is my patriotic piece.  Feel free to download it and use it.  

Please use these images for personal use only and not for resale projects. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hulk Hogan

I have a memory of being obsessed with Hulk Hogan when I was younger... There was something about the head wear and florescent yellow that I loved.  I actually did this drawing awhile ago but I found it again just the other day and knew I need to share my love of Hulk Hogan with the world.  It was a quick drawing but it was a lot of fun.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


As I said in an earlier post I wondered what I'd look like as a mermaid so I took to the internet and found a picture of Ariel.  Once I found the appropriate reference I decided to see if I could do a version of Ariel in what has become my current cartoon short hand.  This little exercise is really what got me going on all the Disney drawings in the first place.

Once I finished up I liked the ideas enough I figured I'd take them a little further.  So out came the scanner and then it was off to working in illustrator to work my magic. 

As with any of my images they're here for your viewing pleasure so please refrain from using them for any commercial project.  Thanks!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Disney Drawing Copies

I always look at other artist works and think "Oh, man I really love how that looks" or "Wow, I've never thought of a head being that shape...".  It's pretty obvious (for me at least) that I tend to stay in my comfort zone when I'm sketching and just draw the same things over and over with a little variation.  Over the years I've heard how educational it can be to copy other artists work, but since I'm lacking in the confidence area I get a little freaked out by the thought of my limited knowledge and skill set trying to replicate a great masters work. So I decided to start a little smaller... I went ahead and tried my hand at some Disney related stuff.   These are all pretty quick sketches somewhere in the range of 5-10 mins max.  

After copying a Bambi drawing I figured what the heck why not take a stab and disnefying my own little creatures.  So here's what I came up with. I spent a little longer on these little guys.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Foxy Lady

Here's a drawing I had fun doing last week.  It was my project runway moment of the week I have the basic 12 color prismacolor set so it was fun to take Tim Gunn's advice and "make it work". I'll be honest though most of the colors I needed were pretty well represented in the set so it wasn't that much work... Well, I hope you enjoy!

This is completely unrelated to the drawing but I grew up watching "stupid comedies" (as my mother calls them) and one of my favorite parts in Wayne's World is when Garth dances to Foxy Lady and does the little fox ear thing... So Silly!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been meaning to post this for a couple days and I'm just barely making my deadline with an hour to spare!  A couple weeks ago I offered to help my sister-in-law out by making her kid-lets some custom valentines.  After talking to my niece and nephew she was able to give my some instructions and I got to it.  My niece is pretty into princesses so I came up with this cute idea.  It's pretty straight forward but you're supposed to put 2 slits by her raised hand and insert a sucker as her scepter (as pictured).  I included a high resolution version of the valentine with two per page so feel free to keep it around for next year.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I have excuses...

So I really do have a good reason as to why it's been so long since I posted last... RIGHT before Christmas my husband and I packed up and moved from Utah to Seattle, Washington.  With all the craziness of the holidays we really didn't move into our apartment until right before New Years even though we left Utah on the 18th of December.  The first couple weeks of January were consumed with unpacking and shopping for new things to furnish our apartment.  It's been a very busy couple of weeks but I've still managed to get some art time in there!  I'll be posting some of my latest projects over the next couple days.  

Isn't this little guy cute?  I finished him up right before the move.

Also, check out my new banner.  Being a red head, having a mild obsession with the Little Mermaid since a very young age, and will be living in the rain for the next while I figured I'd see what I'd look like as a mermaid.